Design Awards

Our team has won many international design awards. Wish you could join us and grow together.

2022 Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards

2022 Asia Creative Design Award

2022 Young Pin Design Award X 2

2022  iF Design Awards

2020 iF Best Design of Year + iF design talent award

2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Bronze Prize

2019 Stanford Design Challenge, Winner

2018 Red-Dot Design Awards

2018 15th Y.S Design, Golden Award

2018 Great Design, Silver Award 


2018 Uneec Applied Design Award, Bronze Prize

2017 Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2017, Bronze Prize

2017 Taipei International Design Award X 2

2017 Red-Dot Design Awards X 2

2017 Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards

2017 Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Researcher

2017 Great Design, Bronze Award + Best Marketing Award

2016 Stanford Design Challenge, Winner

2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Silver Award

2016 Taipei International Design Award, Silver Award

2016 Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2016, Special Prize

2016 Young Pin Design Award

2016 IF Top100 Award,  IF Public Value Student Award Top 33

2016 Red-Dot Design Awards X 3

2015 Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Young Scholars

2015 Uneec Applied Design Award, Bronze Prize

2015 Red-Dot Design Awards X 3

2015 Young Pin Design Award X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 4

2015 Young Pin Design Award Finalist X 21

2015 Uneec Applied Design Award, Golden Prize

2015 Great Design, Winner

2014 New Generation Design Award, Golden Prize X 1, Bronze Prize X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 7

2014 IDEA Design Award, Winner

2014 IF Design Award, Haier Special Award

2014 Great Design, Winner

2014 International Bicycle Design Competition, Special Award + Excellence Award

2013 Uneec Applied Design Award, Golden Prize

2013 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition, Excellent Work

excellent work

2013 Mitsui Sumitomo Foundation Grant Awards

2013 New Generation Design Award,  Silver Awad X 1, Bronze Prize X 2, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 14

2013 KYMCO Design Competition,  Silver Awad

2013 Great Design, Excellent Award

2012 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition,  Vendor Sponsorship Award

2012 Taipower Poster Design Competition, Golden Prize

2012 New Generation Design Award, Bronze Prize X 1, Vendor Sponsorship Award X 2, Excellent Work X 5

2011 Yilan Youth Venture Starlight Competition, Golden Prize