Psychology has many different parts that we use to understand people in humanities, social science, and natural science. Even if people see things differently, we can still use these different ideas to explain what is happening. Psychology helps us understand people better than they understand themselves, and it gives us good advice for improving life, work, and society.

Design psychology is an applied science that helps us see how design is connected to its users. Designers can use psychology to make better designs by understanding how people think and act. Our research focuses on public design and we use environmental psychology to help us understand how design can be improved. We would love for anyone interested in design psychology to join our research group!



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Design psychology is a new field.
Psychology has developed many branches in the field of humanities, social and natural sciences.No matter which school, the views of the same problem are different, but all strive to find a reasonable explanation for the psychological phenomenon.
Psychology makes us gradually understand the users themselves, and actively provide effective suggestions for the development of human life, work, and society.
The design psychology is one of applied science, which can be used as a tool to understand the nature of design and user.Designers can use psychological techniques to improve their scientific ability.We can use the principles often used in psychology to interpret the phenomena in design and help designers to better understand the internal psychological and external behaviors of their design goals and users and thus improve the design.At the same time, it can also enhance the designers' ability to reflect and create their own, and improve their design ability.
Our research work takes the public design as the topic and introduces the research results into the design by environmental psychology.
We sincerely welcome the interested partners to join the research office!